Launching new features can be messy, risky, and chaotic.

Airdeploy is a complete feature flagging solution that Developers and Product Managers use to craft their new Web and Mobile features. Teams use Airdeploy APIs and dashboards to develop, test, optimize, and roll out their newest creations.



Refocus on your craft

Airdeploy provides SDKs and libraries across your entire stack, providing a unified way for all your developers to guard your new features still under construction. Refocus on building features for your users, not maintaining homegrown tools. Airdeploy built it so you don't have to.

Supported Platforms

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Validate before you launch

Run experiments with Airdeploy on new features and their variations. Validate your hypotheses before you push the launch button. Split test your new features to build confidence in your work.

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Flip the switch on your schedule

Without re-deploying code, you can toggle features on or off on your own schedule. Or alternatively, build a specific population and gradually roll them out. And if needed, rollback new features in seconds.

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Take Control

Experience fine-grained control

Airdeploy's dashboard provides oversight on the flow of traffic through every flag. Tune exactly how you want your users to experience your features. There doesn't have to be just one version of your app.

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