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$60 / month
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Frequently asked questions
What is a session?
A session is a essentially a visit to your website or application that takes place within a given amount of time. For example, if a user visits your website and actively browses for 30 minutes, that is considered just 1 session.
How do I know how many sessions I need?
If you're in doubt, check out your analytics tools - most of them track sessions or at least visits each month. Google Analytics has a similar definition to us, so if you use it, you already have your session count.
How long does a session last?
Any user only has one active session at a time, no matter how many tabs or devices they are using. A session ends when either (1) 30 minutes of inactivity have passed or (2) the maximum session length of 24 hours is reached.
Why does Airdeploy charge by sessions?
We believe this is the fairest way to measure usage. We never want our customers to hesitate to test out a new feature or use a flag. We only grow if we help you grow.
How many seats do I need?
At least 1! But the first 5 are free. You only need seats (accounts) for your team members who will be creating features and managing experiments.
Is there a free trial?
Yes! Any new organization can use Airdeploy free for 14 days, no credit card required.
I need more time to try things out.
Let our sales team know at We never want this to be the reason you don't get to try Airdeploy out.
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